Implementation Pricing

all fgs implementation options come with the best & most experienced Xero Practice Manager implementation partner and combined 40 years experience in the accounting profession.

yes Included

no Excluded

xero practice manager
“Minor Tweaks”

online assistance

“We need some help”

one day workshop

“Help us do it all”

full implementation (<10 staff)

full implementation (>10 staff)
best knowledge in the industry

the most experienced Xero Practice Manager implementation partner and combined 40 years experience in the accounting profession

yes yes yes yes
online training and discussions via GoTo Meeting

meetings conducted via GoTo Meeting, recorded and provided to you as needed

yes no yes yes
training day 1 at your office

Comprehensive training for your team, always at your office to make sure everyone can use the system from day one

no yes yes yes
30 days support

Unlimited email support via our support helpdesk

no yes yes yes
full strategy session

Helping us to understand the why, when and who will make the implementation a success

no no yes yes
we’ll do the setup

We complete the setup and customisation of XPM to suit your business

no no yes yes
online management introduction

Once setup, we walk-through the proposed new system with the leadership team to make sure we’re all on the same page

no no yes yes
administrator & followup training (1 day) at your office

Training for your administration/leadership team so you can administer the system after the implementation is done

no no yes yes
additional 30 days support

Extended support for you and your team

no no yes yes
Followup training

Followup and make sure any teething issues are resolved, and healthcheck to make sure you’re getting the most out of XPM

no no no yes
change management support & planning

Help selecting an internal champion to lead the way at your firm, personality trait assessments for leadership team and direct support for change management throughout the process

no no no yes
Commencement to Go Live
3 x 1 hour webinars 1 day at your office. 1 hour followup 4 – 6 weeks 6 – 8 weeks
online assistance one day workshop strategy, implementation, training, followup change management, strategy, implementation, training, followup
productive hours one person could save*

*in the first year, based on feedback from implementations we have completed in the past

10 40 100 >300
equivalent @ $180/hr
$1,800 $7,200 $18,000 >$45,000





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other xero practice tools


xero workpapers

Self-guided training to setup workpapers, and training videos for your team.

Videos include:

  • Setting up Xero Workpapers for your practice
  • Using Xero Workpapers
  • Client Queries, Finalising Workpapers
pre-recorded administrator video training: $495
videos + one-on-one ‘train the trainer’ online training: $1,495

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xero tax conversion

Migration of 2016 tax form data from MYOB AE & New AO (SQL only)


  • Tax form cover pages from 2014
  • Rental Schedules
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Carried forward amounts and values
pre-recorded administrator video training: $990
videos + one-on-one ‘train the trainer’ online training: $1,895

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xero report templates

Setup of Xero report templates to enable first class financial reporting, as well as provide standard chart of accounts with instructions for your team.

pre-recorded administrator video training:  $1,450
videos + one-on-one ‘train the trainer’ online training: $1,950

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support & self implementation

free review

For your FREE 21 point review of Xero Practice Manager we look at the 6 pillars of XPM and give you scores on: Clients, Jobs, WIP, Invoicing, Reporting, Leads.

Simply invite as an advisor to your account and order now


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basic support

Support for Xero Practice Manager, WorkflowMax, and other Xero Practice Studio products

What’s included?

  • Monthly topical 1-hour webinars (topics based on your feedback or “what’s new”). That’s an hour of training for your entire team every month!
  • Tailored support specific for accounting firms
  • Provided by FGS, one of the most qualified and experienced partners with second-to-none product knowledge
  • We provide your product feedback directly to developers

Ongoing email support is offered only to FGS clients. We provide a tailored service that ensures every response is given with your business in mind.

If you’re not an FGS client we will still provide you with all the other value offered in our support packages – including monthly webinars and the opportunity to provide your product feedback. Speak to us about a review of your implementation in order to become an FGS client and have access to ongoing expert support.

We work towards your specific needs by understanding the things that make your company unique. From your company culture to your vision for growth, we consider the factors that make you special and provide customised support that suits your needs.

Whether it is Workflowmax implementation, Xero Practice Studio implementation or any of the broader issues related to Practice Studio for accounting firms, our team can handle it. We have a service standard of 2 business day turnaround for queries.


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online assistance

If you’ve self implemented WorkflowMax or Xero Practice Manager in your business but want some brush-up training, or general guidance and support to maximise the potential for your business while keeping the investment low – this is perfect for you.

Spread over four, one hour webinars we will work with you to train you and your team on all aspects of WorkflowMax – based on what you tell us you need help with; or based on our expert knowledge of what the product can do for your business.

Over these four value-packed webinars we can cover:

  • Back-end setup
  • Client Database
  • Job Management
  • Lead Management
  • Quote/Proposal Templates
  • Work in Progress and Invoicing
  • Invoice Templates
  • Lead and Lag KPI Reporting and the Report Builder
  • Anything else you need to do in WorkflowMax

As part of these webinars you also receive a complimentary month of support from FGS.


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Xero Practice Management


A specially developed programme for Xero Practice Manager users. FGS have developed a specific set of reports to help manage your practice. We will work with you to review specific KPIs monthly and create an action plan to hold you accountable to improve performance

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More Information

Together we will review:

  • Job Turnaround
  • Completion on Time
  • Profitability on jobs
  • Allocation and Job Sharing
  • GP by Manager, Partner and Division
  • Current Overdue jobs
  • Completed jobs not billed
  • Number of leads created and converted
  • Number of quotes issued


comprehensive organisational review


More Information

Does your business structure need a health-check? Do you want to measure employee satisfaction and partner satisfaction?

FGS will conduct an organisational review and provide a summary of findings and recommendations for you.

Step 1 – The practice team members are asked to complete an online questionnaire anonymously. The questionnaire is based on their views of the practice in several areas including;

  1. Morale
  2. Culture
  3. Citizenship (sense of belonging)

Step 2 – The Partners are also asked to complete the online questionnaire assessing the same criteria.

Step 3 – An organisational structure review including;

  1. Review of actual structure
  2. Hierarchy or roles
  3. Position descriptions
  4. Personality profiles

Step 4 – Results and recommendations based on findings as-well-as action points;

  1. Summary of the themes of employee responses
  2. Organisational structure report
  3. Personality profile summary
  4. Recommendations and action points

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change management assessment


More Information

Assessment of your readiness to change

Step 1 – An online questionnaire based on the deeper aspects of the psychological model of change;

  1. Identification of the drivers for change
  2. Assessment of readiness for change (workbook provided)

Step 2 – An online teleconference or go-to meeting (1 hour) to discuss the assessment of readiness, given as a score and a summary of the strong and weak points.

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Understanding your Practice Strategy Sessions


Ongoing Strategic Management Sessions


monthly meetings, one per quarter at your office, minimum of 6 sessions

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